Carroll's Creek Water Authority

Carrolls Creek Water Authority

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How do I use this service?

Customers will need the following to pay their bill:

  1. The customer/account number and pin number (located on your billing statement).
  2. Your payment method: check, debit card or credit card.

*Funding Nexbillpay will deposit funding into all designated bank accounts for each department within 24-48 hours after each successful settlement*



       If you have a Disconnect Notice - Entire Balance Due

      Do not Pay online or by Phone  after the 19th of the month.

       All payments take 1-3 Business Days to apply to your account.  

        Reconnection of Services will not be made until the next business day  

          AFTER payment is received from third party. 

             Disconnects are on the 21st of every month.    

           If you are Disconnected DO NOT pay online or by phone as  

                  these payments will only be excepted in the Office.

Thank you,

CCWA Management

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